Augmenting Home Security

A person’s home should be where the occupants feel their safest. Sadly, there are plenty of people out there looking to dispel that sense of security. Burglars and home intruders have discovered how to take advantage of those small oversights that many homeowners miss in order to gain easy entry into residences. Understanding what those oversights are allow homeowners and renters make their home more secure.

Focus on Simple Steps

A few simple steps can go a long way towards deterring and stopping break-ins. Occupants can start by doing a simple check of their home, such as inspecting the locks on doors, windows, and other possible points of entry. Old or damaged locking mechanisms should be replaced, and sliding doors should be reinforced with a security bar. Buying a dog (big or small) can also be an effective security measure.

The Home's Exterior

People should also consider what’s happening outside their homes that’s making it easier for burglars to get in. They should place spare keys in code-protected lock boxes rather than under mats or atop door frames. Increasing outdoor lighting (especially in backyards and on the sides of homes) can also scare intruders away, as can thorny landscape features such as osmanthus, firethorn, barberry, and hawthorn bushes.

Install a Security System

One should never overestimate the protection that a home security system provides. Adding video surveillance into a home security system collects evidence to counter any would-be intruder’s claims of innocence, even if he or she happens to hire the best criminal defense attorney. Security system providers often offer home monitoring that informs homeowners when a break-in is happening and promptly alerts authorities.

Peace-of-Mind is Priceless

It doesn’t matter what a person’s home security budget is; there are plenty of steps that can be taken to augment residential security. If home intrusions are believed to be a legitimate threat, area homeowners and renters should take advantage of every available resource to ensure their safety and the safety of their property. Ultimately, the peace-of-mind that feeling safe in one’s home offers is well-worth the expense and effort required to obtain it.